IP Video and CCTV Solutions

Upgrading or installing a CCTV system can be a complex process, but at Suntek Communications we aim to simplify the process and keep the jargon to a minimum.

We supply, install, and maintain high quality CCTV solutions for business.

The type of solution required can vary considerably depending on the application you have in mind. Some vendors push the same solution to all customers irrespective of the individual needs of each case. At Suntek Com we not only consider the technical factors, but also the business requirements, budget constraints, and financing.

We appreciate that some customers have a large financial investment in analogue cameras and may consider this an obstruction to upgrading. Our systems have the ability to integrate existing analogue cameras, and operate them alongside dedicated IP cameras. This means that you can stage a migration from your existing technology over a period of time without a large upfront cost.

Suntek Communications Product Offerings & Services:
  1. CCTV IP and Analog Based.
  2. Alarm Systems,
  3. Video Door Phones,
  4. Multi Apartment Video Door Phones.
  5. Fingerprint Locks.
  6. Access Control System
  7. Fire Alarm System.
  8. DVR NVR/Storage Area.
  9. Network Design and Implementation.
  10. Video Analytical Software Access Control Systems.
  11. Intrusion Detection
  12. Centralized Monitoring

Supplying and Installing CCTV Solutions
Suntek Commuications supply and install customised Covert CCTV systems. Each installation is built to its own specific requirement specifications dependent on your objectives and location.

The system will be installed at a suitable time to avoid detection and can be designed to be viewed remotely via secure access and all information stored will be backed up on our secure server.

The Best Choice For Residential Buildings in Mumbai
Suntek Communications Detectives have a diverse range of solutions ranging from the entry level for the budget conscious to the sophisticated CCTV systems for industries that demand total reliability and quality. We will be the best choice to help you with your covert CCTV requirement.

Covert CCTV Capabilities For Corporate Companies & Office Buildings
Covert cameras and covert microphones can also be built to complement your existing CCTV system (if you have one) and can focus on targeted areas to gather further intelligence. All video and audio files are stored on our secure server, should you be required to produce them as evidence at a later stage.

The CCTV Consultancy Process
We will speak to you to understand your problems that you are facing, whether internal theft or intelligence gathering and what you hope to achieve with hidden CCTV systems, your operational parameter and human resource requirement, and finally, your budget.

A great combination
By reviewing your existing security policy, standards and procedures, we will conduct a provision of theft risk reduction program; conduct an analysis of previous security incidents to establish any possible trends. We can also devise monitor programs to reduce security incidents once the covert system is installed.

Please contact one of our investigators to discuss the legal requirements when installing Covert CCTV systems within the workplace. To give you a guide, please see some information below:

Workers should normally be aware that they are being monitored, but in exceptional circumstances, covert monitoring may be used as part of a specific investigation. Covert monitoring is where video or audio recording equipment is used, and those being monitored are unaware that this is taking place. Before approving covert monitoring, you should ask yourself:
  1. Is this an exceptional circumstance, and is there is reason to suspect criminal activity or equivalent malpractice?
  2. Will the cameras only be used for a specific investigation, and will they be removed once the investigation is complete?
  3. Would it prejudice the investigation to tell workers that cameras are being used?
  4. Have you taken into account the intrusion on innocent workers?
  5. Has the decision been taken by senior management or authorised personnel?

Our investigators will be able to talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have concerning the rules and legislation.

Best Security Systems Provider in Mumbai
Over the last fifteen years Suntek Communications have built up an unrivalled knowledge of the CCTV, Fire & Security industry. We have very judiciously and methodically chosen our product suppliers based on our vast experience coupled with what we know our customers really require from a fire or a security system to feel safe and at ease.

Suntek Communications offers the complete security systems package. From design, through supply, installation and final commissioning, to our comprehensive range of maintenance for both newly installed and existing systems and associated equipment. We provide Total Service, and thereby offer our clients complete peace of mind.

We work with a range of clients from corporate customers to high net worth individuals covering all security systems including Intruder Detection Alarms, CCTV, Access Control.
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