Safety Policy

We at Integrated Solutions for Telecommunication Systems Installation –Suntek Communications are fully committed to protecting the Health and Safety of our colleagues, contractors, and the people we serve. Safety is a core value in Suntek Communications. Our belief is that all unsafe acts and incidents are preventable and this belief guides our approach to safety across all of our business activities. We take pride in our safety achievements.

We promote an open and proactive Health and Safety Culture with the full involvement of all our people. This is reinforced through strong and visible leadership and by striving to achieve and maintain our safety goal of zero injuries. We are aware that safety is every individual’s responsibility. Each of us has the responsibility to act immediately to prevent unsafe acts. If any task is not safe we simply do not do it.

We comply with, and constantly aim to exceed, all relevant legal and regulatory Health and Safety requirements.

We communicate the required safety standards and behaviors in a clear and unambiguous manner, with all necessary training, systems, and procedures put in place to support and continuously audit our safety performance.

We have set safety as a key priority in Suntek Communications. Safe working is integrated into every aspect and area of our business and will never be compromised by concern for other deliverables. We ensure the safety of the public in all our activities and through our safety awareness campaigns and partnerships

We believe personal leadership, collaboration and the active involvement of everyone to be the fundamental components of our safety culture.

We commit to providing facilities and the necessary arrangements to safeguard the health, welfare and well being of our staff.

We assess, reduce to an acceptable level, or eliminate all risks in every workplace and in all tasks. We know, understand and apply the appropriate standards, policies, legislation and regulations.

We ensure that emergency plans are developed, communicated and implemented effectively when and where necessary.

We actively promote and maintain tidy and orderly worksites and workplaces at all times and ensure that safe systems of work are applied. Each of us including contractors working for us will always be proactive in addressing and improving safety standards and safety behaviors on our worksites and in our workplaces.

We report all unsafe incidents in an accurate, concise and timely manner in accordance with the policies and procedures of Suntek Communications. We encourage near miss reporting.

We always investigate unsafe incidents and near misses. We will communicate what we have learned widely in order that we do not make the same mistake twice.

We audit persistently all aspects of our commitment to safety and in doing so demonstrate that our adherence is everywhere and by everyone.

We comply fully with all legal obligations in any jurisdiction in which we operate, setting our own safety standards, if necessary. In the case of our UAE operations we have prepared Safety Statements for all Aspects of our operations and in full compliance with statutory provisions.
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